The Craic

The craic is mighty when the company is fine and the tunes are flowing .  So many tunes!  I've got three shelves in my basement six feet long, with books and folders of tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Cape Breton, Quebec, and the American South.  I can never find the right one when I need it.   There are some fine tune collections online that keep me learning new tunes all the time.  I built this app to help me find those tunes when I want them, and send them to the people I play with so we can play them together.

About ABC

ABC is a simple text-based music notation system that was invented by Chris Walshaw in the 1980s.  SInce then, people around the world have been transcribing music and putting their transcriptions online.  

I've been concentrating on making sure the most commonly-played collections of traditional music can be displayed and played by this. Here are a few to start with:

You can use the built-in browser to download from these pages, or you can rely on the search function to give you the tunes as you want them.  


If you enjoy this app, you might also enjoy iLift, a universal app for learning music by ear. You can slow down recordings, loop the parts you want to learn, and change the pitch.


email info@flagpig.com with questions or suggestions.