Release Notes


Version 2.0 (Oct 2018)


  • Refreshed user interface
  • iPad multitasking
  • external keyboard
  • multi-instrument support
  • playback cursor


  • remove support for iOS prior to 9.3
  • Support for iPad multitasking, so you can see the notes while you use your favourite playback program.
  • Keyboard shortcuts on iPad so you can use a proper hardware keyboard.


  • Choice of playback instrument - banjo, flute, fiddle, guitar, piano, harp, accordion or whistle.
  • Playback cursor helps you keep your place when playing along.
  • Option to turn off stress playback, in case that tune needs to be played straight.
  • V:group
  • Q:"accel.", "rit.", "a tempo"
  • playback for dynamics


  • avoid accidental collisions in chords
  • I:pos {dynamic | stem | rest | gstem | gchord | ornament | vocal | volume} {up | down | above | below | hidden | opposite | auto | middle }
  • I:barsperstaff n
  • I:linebreak

File Management

  • direct import from Files, Dropbox


  • fix a problem under iOS 12 where stafflines were not properly rendered

Version 2.0.1 (Oct 2018)


  • ensure changes to playback preferences are reflected in playback without having to change tunes.

Version 2.1 (Nov 11 2018)

3rd generation iPad Pro compatibility

Web Browsing improvements

  • restore URL input bar
  • improved error messages


  • remember the previous playback speed when changing the playback instrument

Release 1.0 5 jan 2013

  • platform
    • iPad 1
    • iPhone & iPhone 5
    • iOS 5.0 & iOS 6
  • abc parsing and rendering
    • abc 1.6 (norbeck, oneills, etc)
    • scrolling
    • playback
    • basic playback with single instrument
  • browsing
    • local and internet search (JC)
  • creation
    • mark favourites
    • edit and create abc locally
    • abc-specific keyboard extensions
    • use Adobe SourceCodePro font
  • linking and sharing
    • import through iTunes, search or email, web browse
    • print PDF
    • open PDF in other app
    • share through email
  • accessibility
    • basic accessibility

##Release 1.0.1 20 jan 2013 Enhancements to downloads:

  • Preview the downloaded file before saving it locally.
  • When a downloaded file has multiple tunes, ask whether to save all the tunes or just the searched-for tune.

Rendering enhancements

  • Handle TeX - type character sequences and \uxxx unicode characters strings
  • Show the composer name when displaying a tune
  • Show key and meter on internet searches


  • fix a crashing bug on the web interface on download
  • handle N: fields in the tune body
  • fix an error on downloading tunes from urls with embedded spaces
  • minor layout fixes on phone.

Release 1.1 feb 9 2013

UI improvements

  • Delete button
    • you can now delete the tune you are looking at instead of having to go back to the tune list.

Rendering and abc improvements

  • on the iPhone the staff is now rendered at 75%, so that notes no longer jam together and more of the tune is visible
  • displays the composer name right justified instead of centered
  • displays the tempo (Q:) field
  • support for the most common decorations in both shortcut and verbose form: . staccato mark ~ !turn! H !fermata! L !accent! or !emphasis! or !>! M !lowermordent! O !coda! P !uppermordent! S !segno! T !trill! u !upbow! v !downbow!
  • other !decos! are rendered verbatim.
  • other single character decorations are ignored.
  • rests no longer rendered too high
  • time signature 12/8 now rendered correctly
  • chords are now higher and larger.
  • if a tune has chords there is more space between staves

Download bugfixes

  • if you choose not to save a tune it now takes you back to the tune list

Editing bugfixes

  • tunes no longer disappear from the favourites and recents lists when edited
  • creating a new tune no longer creates a spurious template tune
  • a newly created tune now is put in the recent list

Release 1.2 (May 21 2013)

  • tune sets

    • create and delete sets
    • add/delete tunes within set
    • reorder tunes
    • import and export to abc
    • create and print pdf
  • UI improvements

    • search now will look for alternate titles
  • rendering improvements

  • parsing improvements

    • recognize duplicates on import
  • sharing

    • export a tune or set as abc to other app
    • export or mail a set
  • playback

    • play sets
    • honour tempo (Q:) in the abc
    • better default tempo for various tune types
  • performance and stability improvements

Release 1.2.1 (June 8 2013)

  • playback
    • tempo control
    • looping
    • accessibility improvements

Release 1.2.2 (July 4 2013)


  • ensure the controls properly reappear after tapping to show the toolbar
  • properly handle the play/pause button on tune end

Release 1.3 (Aug 19 2013)

  • parser improvements
    • basic error messages
    • better lyrics handling and layout, including basic w:
  • autowrap long lines
    • handle $ linebreak character
  • rendering improvements
    • handle x and y invisible rests

Release 1.4

  • UI
    • iOS 7 UI
    • don't allow screen to turn off when toolbars are hidden
  • Playback
    • don't mute playback if hardware mute button is on

Release 1.4.1 (Dec 5 2013)

  • bug fix: don't try to hide status bar on pre-ios7 iPad

Release 1.5 (Jan 21 2014)

Music rendering

  • attach decos and annotations to barlines and invisible rests (x, y)
  • attach decos, annotations and tempo to tuplets and chords
  • support for annotations to right ">", left"<", data-preserve-html-node="true" above "^", below "_" items Bugfixes
  • fix crashing bug after retrieving from internet

Release 1.6 (jan 31 2014)

Improved rendering of decorations:

  • !p!, !mp!, !ff! etc are rendered below the staff Bugfixes
  • unrecognized decorations no longer give a parse error
  • fixed bug where playback tempo was not respected
  • bug where tempo was lost if the first note had a grace note
  • loop button was rendered as white on iOS 7 on iPad
  • now properly handles note length on chords, like [GBe]4

Release 1.7 (31 mar 2014)

Improved parsing

  • Basic multi-voice support
    • bass, alto, tenor clef
    • merge voices with %%score (1 2)
    • stem=up,down support for in-line [V:][K:][L:][M:]

rendering improvements pagination improvements for PDF and printing

Release 1.7.1 (13 april 2014)


  • allow save in tune set editor
  • don't show an extra staff for a line with only spaces

Release 1.8 (21 June 2014)


  • inline [Q:]
  • slurs are now rendered
  • slurs and ties that continue past the line end are shown
  • a rest that takes the full bar is always shown as a whole rest


  • rendering fixes
    • default duration for 2/4
    • only show Q: for the first voice
    • better handling of strings in Q: before the tempo marking
    • y no longer ends a beam
  • parsing fixes
    • allow slurs in chords and gracenotes
    • ignore whitespace inside a chord
  • playback fixes
    • triplets that end on the same note they started no longer sound odd
    • better handling of ties at end of line
    • space or barline no longer ends a tie
  • other
    • internet search no longer crashes if the original did not have key or meter

Release 1.8.1 (24 June 2014)

  • fix a bug introduced in 1.8 where gracenotes in pipe tunes appeared in the wrong order

Release 1.9.2

Bugfixes: Rendering

  • improved rendering of beams
  • improved rendering when multiple decorations apply to the same note When importing tunes via iTunes:
  • no longer duplicates tunes imported from iTunes on upgrade
  • now completely replaces all tunes in a file if importing from iTunes.
  • properly refreshes the tune list after import Miscellaneous
  • no longer crashes when tuplets include chords

Release 1.10.0 (April 2015)

NOTE: this is the last version that supports the iPad 1, future versions will be iOS 7+.

Parsing improvements

  • allow empty P: and R:
  • in V: allow sname= as a synonym for subname=
  • improved K:, Q: and V: parsing

Notation Rendering Improvements:

  • Slurs are now shown
  • Improved tie rendering
  • Hairpin dynamics (!>(! !>)! etc) are now shown
  • Now uses the Bravura font from Steinberg (see for rendering symbols (iOS 6+ only) Improvements in multi-voice rendering:
  • better registration between voices
  • better handling of clef changes
  • ties and slurs respect voice stem=up|down

Playback Improvements

  • playback now uses stress programs similar to Barfly
  • synchronized inline tempo changes for all voices
  • tempo changes can be specified in only one voice and all voices will obey them
  • !accent! and !staccato! are now played as well as displayed
  • transpose= now works for playback in V: and K:
  • fix an issue with barlines canceling accidentals on ties
  • fix an issue with ties on the first note of a tune

Release 1.10.1 (April 2015)

Version 1.10 introduced new rendering and playback. 1.10.1 fixes editing performance issues and some minor enhancements and fixes

  • fixes printing problems on iOS 7
  • adds support for multi-bar rests (X) and multi-bar invisible rests (Z)
  • fixes playback transposition (transpose=-n on Q: and V:)
  • slightly thicker beams
  • uses Bravura flags for eighth notes and smaller

Release 1.10.2 (May 2015)

Version 1.10 introduced new rendering and playback enhancements, including stress programs and playable accents. 1.10.2 Still supports iOS versions 5+ (includes iPad 1)! Fixes and rendering enhancements

  • download preview after searching on the internet was blank
  • fixes an issue where double-dotted notes and broken rhythms showed as single-dotted
  • fixes an issue where changing clefs could result in decorations becoming disconnected from the note head
  • fixes an issue where chords could have decorations written over them
  • better rendering of unisons and seconds in chords
  • better choices of stem direction in chords

1.10.3 (Aug 2015)

Fixes and rendering enhancements

  • Fix an issue where key changes were not picked up in the middle of the tune.
  • improve rendering of ties between chords
  • improve whole note rendering in centre of bar
  • improve articulation placement
  • arpeggio decoration - rendered and played

1.10.4 (Oct 2016)

1.10.4 required iOS 8+

  • Fix a playback issue on iOS 10
  • music display tweaks


  • voice names/subnames